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About Desde Mi Huerto, Inc


Desde Mi Huerto was established in 2005 in Finca Ecologica Rio

Patillas in south-east Puerto Rico.  We produce seeds from organically

grown vegetables, herbs, fruit trees and flowers. 


Our mission is to produce and distribute organic and heirloom

seeds, to make

them widely accessible, and to create a better quality of life for

people in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


With food security becoming more important globally, our vision is to develop sustainable techniques to produce tropical, native, heirloom seeds.


We also provide workshops all over PR to share knowledge of our way of farming and gardening. We aim to pass onto the next generation the knowledge of traditional organic farming methods, along with new practices that create resilient and robust seed-stock.


Our business is forged on better stewardship for our planet - we are literally growing the critical element in the launch of real food-security in Puerto Rico - the seeds.


After Hurricane María's 2017 devastation of our successful farm in Patillas, we salvaged our seeds and continued with our mission, moving to another farm in Isabela, north-west Puerto Rico. Here we are developing our seed production, our organic farming workshops, and keeping our seed bank safe.

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