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Planting our Heritage

The following seeds have been passed down generation to generation, continue keeping these seeds in nature by ordering from this special catalog.

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Sowing and maintaining the tradition

Throughout Puerto Rican history and for many generations, the jibarito kept their seeds year after year, adapting these seeds and resistant to the strong climates of our land and by local tradition, they passed with the land to the following generations. Due to the social and economic changes in Puerto Rico, many locals abandoned the fields and many seeds adapted to our climate have been lost. Fortunately, some varieties that are easier to propagate and maintain have been able to be located, propagated, continued to adapt, and now we make them available so that seeds are never lost in Puerto Rico again. If you, who are reading this, have Puerto Rican heritage seeds and want to share them with us, they are welcome. We, and the future generations of our land, will be grateful to you."

- Caribbean Eco Seeds

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