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Become a distributor with our Seeds in your Shop

Sell our seeds in your shop and promote the creation of home gardens... food sovereignity is one of our biggest goals.

We offer you:


•Wide Variety of Native and Exotic Organic Seeds

adapted to the Caribbean climate, Humid Tropical.

•Up to 2 to 3 times more seeds per packet than other

companies in the market.

•There are no surprises, since the packaging allows you to see the

seed quantity and quality.

• Planted and produced, for the most part, by hand in

Sideburns, Puerto Rico.

• Wooden displays of various sizes, identified and


•Promotion of your business through our website and Facebook.

•Packages identified in Spanish and English with cultural and planting information.

•Put your brand on seed packets



All of our displays are made of wood by Puerto Rican artisans and are well identified with the brand, product name and price. They are comfortable, do not take up much space and more importantly

you can choose the varieties you want to sell in your establishment.


Support the creation of orchards through the sale of our Seeds, Compost, Books and Workshops


For more information, write to:

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