Citrullus lanatus

This watermelon plant produces big fruits that can weight an average of 20 Pounds. It has a dark green skin with lines and the inside is dark red. The fruits are juicy, sweet and refreshing. Its great to eat as a snack to calm the heat of the summer days. The plant grow as a vine in the ground, is good to keep weeds off the growth area for maximum production.

Watermelon "Crimsom"

  • Climate: Sol Directo/Full Sun
    Germination: 7-10 días/days
    Planting Depth: 1/4"
    Spacing: 12"-16"
    Harvest: 60 días/days

    Size and prices:
    Packet (30 seeds aprox) $2.00
    1oz (560 seeds aprox) $15.00

    6 oz (3000 seeds aprox) $50

    1Lb  (6000 sem aprox) $100