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Agribusiness Planning Workshop:


Now that you have decided to be a farmer
If you want to start an agricultural project, you have the idea but you don't know how to start, then this is your opportunity to learn in this workshop some steps to follow to achieve an organized start and take your Agribusiness from an idea to a successful reality. You will learn directly from Raúl Rosado, President of the company Desde Mi Huerto, Inc. how to achieve, step by step, how to develop your idea into a viable business that will bear fruit quickly. This workshop is theoretical and we will work and plan your project together, organizing it on paper so that when you take it into action it will be a complete success.


By: Raúl A. Rosado, CEO From Mi Huerto, Inc.

Date: pending

Cost: $30.00 pp or $40.00 couple

(by reservation only)

Cost for Zoom: $15.00 workshop only or $20 with document file and exercises

Place: Farm Desde Mi Huerto in Isabela

Hours: 9:30 a.m.-12 p.m.

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