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Volunteer work


We are entering the best planting season in Puerto Rico and here on the farm in Isabela the work is endless, there is always something to do. .

From sowing seeds in the nursery, sow seedlings on the farm, fertilize, fumigate, weed, collect fruits and seeds, take notes and participate in planting experiments, cleaning products and even construction of pergolas and small structures.

There is much you can contribute so COME if you are interested in agriculture or want to be a farmer. Or you just want to have the experience of participating in an organic farm. If you want to learn new techniques or only if you have free time and desire to work in a group. We invite you to come and support us in your free time.

I assure you that it will be an enriching experience and will be of great help for our project and you will also be able to obtain discounts on products To sign up as a volunteer fill out the following form. You will be receiving more information soon.


Email us at: or call us at +1-787-202-0392 to let us know when you'll be available to come as a volunteer.  We accept volunteers from Thursdays through Saturday. Since 8AM till 12 PM.

Join us as a volunteer every week for free!
Do you have experience?
What day do you plan to visit?

Thanks for registering. See you there!

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